Adopting a cat


​If you would like to offer a loving, forever home to a cat  please complete our online adoption form below.

Adopting an animal from abroad is not difficult -  we make all the travel arrangements. The cats come with a passport and are vaccinated, chipped and neutered (unless they are under 6 months old).


We sometimes have cats in foster homes in UK waiting to be adopted.


We can consider homes through out the UK.


There is an  adoption fee required to help cover costs this is usually £100.  This helps with the cost of vaccinations, spaying, pet passport and transport to UK.

The animals travel from Eastern Europe to UK overland in DEFFRA approved transport vans. 

Cats from Egypt fly in to Heathrow.


Most, but not all, of our cats require indoor homes, or a home with an enclosed garden.   We are happy to advise you on caring for a blind cat or an amputee- they are not difficult to care for- they adapt remakably well.